Where did we come from?

Winely emerged from globally leading academic research

Examining hundreds of volatile compounds and their impact on end wine quality.

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Winely provides Live ferment data

helping to easily understand the wine fermentation.

Today, we are automating the sampling of attributes in the wine fermentation, in order to save winemakers' time and to help with the Health and Safety requirements. We provide winemakers the power to visualise what is happening in the ferment at any given moment.

How do we help Winemakers?

Health And Safety

Reduce the need to access the tanks from high catwalks to take samples.


Per 50 wine tanks, we average our customers a saving of 6,250 hours per harvest.

Improved Decisions

Winely captures overall fermentation trends. Winemakers can understand more than ever before how their wine is tracking. Winely can prevent wine from going astray by providing alerts, warnings and intervention suggestions.

Real-Time Data

Increased reaction time, reduce the need to manually sample, take to the lab, test and send a work order. With Winely, go straight from real-time data to work order. Real-time data means real-time action.

Increased Utilisation Of Resources

Live data is used to help prioritise tank interventions and required interventions. This has been shown to reduce the consumables utilised during the harvest and increase tank utilisation.

Reduced Errors

Lessen human errors from the sampling process, and gather more accurate data. Remove the likelihood of contamination.

The Winely Team

Jacob Manning

‍Founder CEO
Biotechnologist, Data Analyst
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Abbe Hyde

Founder CTO
Technology Evanglist, Fermentation Expert
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Jens Voges

(Acting) VP Engineering
High tech manufacturing
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Renjith Pushpa Kumari

Fullstack Developer
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Varun Sankar

Software Lead
Fullstack developer
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Shane Dowd

Hardware Lead
Sensor development, IOT
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Yoshi Fujino

Product Engineer
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Akhila Venkatesha

Emerging sensors, electronics
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Olga Kostic

International Business Development

Bikash Bhandari

Machine Learning

Connor McGregor

Graphic Designer
UI/UX, Website design
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Susan Young

Customer Evangelist

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Expert Advisers

Edward Hooper

Professional Director and Startup Advisor.
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‍Matt Evans

Winemaker, Entrepreneur, High-Tech Product Development Expert

Shona Grundy

Expert advisor
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Nigel Bamford

Manufacturing and production

Winely's award winning Technology

‍We're building the world's best fermentation analysis system

Our hardware technology has 13 sensors - including our proprietary sensors - that collect data in real-time to our dashboard. Request a demo to see the product in action.

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