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Real-time fermentation analysis, remove manual sampling and improve quality control

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How does winely help you?

No more manual sampling

reduced chance of 'off spec' ferments

immediately actionable insights

Remove health and safety concerns

Year-on-year analysis

Remove sampling contamination risks

Is your winery a good fit?

winely has great results for:

Premium wineries
natural winemaking
custom crush

Supported By

$200,000 p.a.

Average Savings


Reduced Additive & Increased Utilisation

6,720 Hours

Average savings per harvest


Real-time fermentation data from tank to the lab. No need to do daily samples runs.

Reduce wastage

Dramatically reduce the likelihood of off specification wine.

Optimise resources

Improve work-flow and fermentation tank utilisation.

Maintain quality

Real-time data means real-time action. Maintain wine quality.

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Winely uses iOT and AI to give you real-time data on your Fermentation tanks, helping to easily understand your wine fermentation.

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Decrease labor pressure this vintage

COVID is making labor requirements hard to meet, with travel restrictions globally, Winely can help with this.

Reduce your labor and improve your ability to work remotely. Ask us about COVID grants for your local region.