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Let's Visit Marlborough!


Let's Visit Marlborough!

The Wine Metropolis

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Let's Visit Marlborough!

Beautiful view from the top of some 250,000 L tanks.

The Wine Metropolis
Marlborough Wine Region was a super exciting visit for Winely, especially because of the opportunity of speaking to the wine technology community leaders.

The need for improved health and safety practices

A beautiful view of the North Island of New Zealand but a deadly problem! Falling from this height is lethal and sampling from these 250,000 L tanks needs to be done 24/7! Wind, rain, cyclones ... and during an earthquake! It's awesome to see that our technology makes the need to climb these enormous tanks redundant. Next year, our winemakers will be able to relax inside the lab while looking at the live data of what's happening inside the tank, rather than climbing these massive giants.

Our Marlborough visit: Indevin, one of the leading wine technology winemakers in New Zealand.

"It has been said that there is no wine anywhere in the world that tastes like the wine of Marlborough – the balance of extraordinary purity and intensity of flavours set around impressive aroma, distinctive fruit characteristics and appealing balanced acidity is superb. These are stylish, exciting wines that surprise and delight." - From Wine Marlborough

Learning, learning, learning!

We're becoming more familiar with best practices in winemaking. In particular, it's exciting to learn how diverse wine practices are, in such an intensely-compact high-performing region!

What's next?

For the 2020 Southern Hemisphere harvest, we are looking to work closely with three to four winemakers. We have the capacity to fit out 1,000 tanks to automate the wine sampling.

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