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Introducing Winely's New Chairperson


Introducing Winely's New Chairperson

Welcome Nigel Bamford to the Winely team,

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Introducing Winely's New Chairperson

Wine technology company Winely appoints new Chair following fundraising and continued market demand.

Winely has appointed a new Chairperson following a successful funding round and continued market support for their technology that provides wineries with real-time data on wine fermentation.

CEO Jacob Manning is pleased to welcome Nigel Bamford to the Winely team, quoting his manufacturing expertise and founder experience as timely and critical to Winely’s expansion. "It’s rare to find an entrepreneur who's done the full-founder journey. We are privileged to not only have a founder as a chairman but also an expert in process engineering and scaling hardware technologies.”

Nigel is the founder of Escea, which is based out of Dunedin and employees over 150 staff. Escea operates globally and has offices in Australia.

Nigel Bamford is an active investor in the Dunedin ecosystem and startup mentor. He has heavy involvement in early-stage startups. He is also in the Board of Startup Dunedin and the Chairperson for BISON Group.

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